I am christa baca.


I was born in 1977.
 I am a wife to Greg and mom to my beautiful children, Zion and Lucianna.  Four four years we made our home in the middle of the world (Quito, Ecuador). In 2003 my husband Greg and I founded the non-profit www.gointernational.tv.  Through our non-profit we have been able to create lasting change in many nations in the world.  I whole-heartedly love my job and the fact that I get to work with an amazing team of people each day and together make an impact in the world. 

On the personal side, In 2003 I married my sweetheart Greg Baca. We met volunteering for a non-profit and were friends for a few years before we ever dated. Greg is the ying to my yang and my best friend. I always say that when we were made we were made with the same heart. Here we are on our wedding day back in 2003. (We were just babies!)

In 2010 I became a momma for the first time to our son Zion. Zion will be six years old in Feb of 2016 and he is the coolest little kid I know.  He loves living in Ecuador and currently introduces himself to people as an "inventor".  He inspires me each day with his passion for life, creativity, and ingenuity.  I thought when I became a momma I was going to teach my son so much about life, but he teaches me new things everyday. 


Then, in 2015 our daughter Lucianna was born.  Lucianna is actually Ecuadorean, she was born in Ecuador and has duel citizenship.  Her name means "light" and she lives up to it.  Her smile can light the whole world.  She loves sparkles, snuggles, and all things girly.  


My kids are as different as they could be from one another, yet each of them fills a special place in my heart. Motherhood is my most joyous accomplishment. My children are the light of my life and I thank God each day that they are all MINE! 

my work 

So, why did we live in Ecuador? Well, like I mentioned before in 2003 My husband and I started the organization of our dreams "Go International.tv"  For almost 10 years we based this non-profit out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and did projects all over the world.  In 2012 we felt in our hearts to close the doors and sell everything and move to Quito, Ecuador.  I will never forget the feeling of leaving everything behind and paring my life down to two fifty-pound suitcases each.  

Soon after we began our time in Ecuador we felt to start a leadership training program called Submerge which is a multi-month semester overseas which combines classroom training and practical application which will propel you towards living the life of your dreams.  (If you have ever wanted to have an amazing adventure overseas then you should check it out! Click here to read more)