I love to create. 

From graphic design, a fancy meal, an elaborate event, to an art campaign that touches the human spirit, creating is part of my D.N.A.  I consider my home and work environment my greatest personal expression of my creative nature.  

At home, I love to surround myself with artistic quotes and eclectic touches of  memorabilia which capture the essence of a moment.  An abandoned piece of drift wood from a deserted island where my husband and I renewed our vows becomes the perfect accent-piece on our coffee table, the mason jars we drank out of from my brothers wedding become the perfect centerpiece for my baby sisters table arrangements at her wedding.  Precious moments are captured and used to relive a moment over and over.  Below you will find some favorite photos of my house and work, spaces that I have lovingly touched with my decorating "thumbprint." Follow along and see what I am up to daily on my instagram page.