for ceitci

You know those friends who you don't see for ages and when you meet up again it's as though you haven't missed a beat? I am lucky to have a handful of these precious souls in my life and was recently visited by one of my best girls Ceitci. 

Everyone needs a friend who reminds us of who we are, who doesn't let us settle for second best in our life, and loves us no matter what. That is my Ceitci. She is a dreamer and one of the most inspiring people I know. Recently, she turned 40.  I have known her since I was 17 and she looks more amazing now than when we were 20. This is a free printable I made in her honor... because she always reminds me to sparkle.  

I love freebies because it's always so awesome to get free things! (Am I right??)  I also love when I see those beautiful things being given to others as gifts or hanging in peoples homes. So download and reuse to your hearts content! It's a square print (pictured matted in an 8X10 frame) To download your free "It's Time to Sparkle" Printable click here. 

I hope you never forget to sparkle.