My Life as a Gypsy: Never forget anything for your trip again!

Once a year I forgo the roots of house and home for a few months as we return home to visit family. It's a whirl-wind of travel, family, and making up for lost time.

Travel can be challenging at times and now as a family of four it can be downright insane.  As a master of systems I have come up with many helpful ways to make the insanity manageable. I wanted to start this series called, "My life as a gypsy" to pass on some helpful tips that I have discovered for traveling. I can't wait to share my tips on everything from how to pack your necklaces so they don't tangle, how to deal with baggage limitations, and even the BEST way I've found to pack clothes so they stay organized and wrinkle-free. 

TIP 1: Worry Free Packing. 

No one travels to feel stressed. You travel to feel lighter, have adventure, to be free. 

People always stare at me with wide eyes when they ask me if I've started packing for a three month trip yet and I say, "no". Why do I never stress about packing? Over the years I have developed some hassle-free ways to keep myself from having stress as I travel. Let's get started with one of my favorites that when you implement it, will help you never forget anything ever again. 

One of the most stressful things about travel is the fear that you will forget something on your trip.  Everyone has had that horrifying moment when you get to your destination and realize that you have everything on your list except for underwear. (What? Only me? Smiley-wink-face)  To eliminate the classic bad dream phobia of showing up somewhere without any clothes I have created ready-made packing lists for each person in our family. These are packing lists that I sat down and wrote one time and use over and over again every time we travel. You can store these on your phone, I personally use Evernote to store my lists.  I literally feel no pre-trip stress because I don't have to think at all to pack. I have lists for hot and cold weather with reminders to pack for special events we may be attending on our trip. Because we travel internationally a lot for our non-profit I create packing lists for specific countries as well. Then, when I return I don't have to worry that I will forget something important.