Celebrating Advent

To Ed and Brent for teaching us the wonders of this celebration. 


I love traditions.

Growing up our favorite tradition was that every year we would try out a new tradition. (My favorite being Christmas Morning Ice-cream Breakfast.)

I take family traditions very seriously.

Traditions are the anchor of a family. They are the legacy we leave for our children's childhood memories.

When my son was two years old we attended a church that encouraged us to celebrate advent. Thus, the nightly tradition began of lighting candles and reading scripture. My children are both under five years old so we use this bible to read during advent. This is quite an amazing bible because in twenty-five days it goes chronologically through many bible stories and wraps them around to the promise of the savior, culminating with the birth of Christ on Christmas Day.

It was such a fun part of our day to see how excited Zion would get about reading the Bible stories. Usually I would cut up some fresh fruit or snack to munch on or pour some hot tea to drink while we read. We would dim the lights and light the candles.

Of course there are many adorable advent calendars as well:
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There are so many beautiful ways to celebrate the season and having the holiday anchored by an annual tradition will make the memories even sweeter.