The week has gotten away with me

Ahhhhh!!  I have so many things to post!  I made a cute downloadable party favor for you- I just haven't had ANY time to post!  Blogging is a fun hobby of mine, and I try to be faithful to post regularly- there are just a few days a year that no matter HOW HARD I try- with the business, the non-profit, the humanitarian projects, the internship and the laundry-- there is NO free time.  I know excuses, excuses.  Wasn't it Ben Frankin who said, "He who is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else?"  

The nice thing is that the other things that I am involved in are very rewarding and I enjoy it very much.  I'll try to squeeze in a few posts before I leave to Panama, otherwise you may not hear from me until July.  However, you can follow what I and my group are doing in Panama here
{Photo via here}
One quick thing, and then off to my whirlwind day.  I love this little closet office.  I once had an office in my closet when I was 13.  I had a picture hanging in it and one day my best friend knocked it over and it split my leg open.  I begged my family not to take me to the emergency room.  I still have a nasty scar on my knee from it. 

Have a fab day.