I am a huge fan of starbucks.  Because the hubby and I are trying to nix bad habits such as spending discretionary money frivolously; we have been trimming and slimming back on our Starbucks habit.  However, I recently discovered that for half the calories and now half the price you can order a grande iced coffee for $1.95.  

Greg and I are also horrible about cooking at home.  (We NEVER do it.) I'm a really good cook too!  But after an 8-10+ hour workday the last thing on my mind is cooking and doing dishes. (Even though ideally I would love to do it.)  As a result, we are always trying to figure out ways to cut corners in eating out.  Recently we discovered the $5 foot longs at Subway and they are a-mazing! No dishes, not too heavy on the calories, and best of all CHEAP!  Greg and I split one for lunch and one for dinner Monday- Friday.  They have such a variety to choose from, so far we haven't gotten tired of it!  (Not to sound like Jared, but can I just say that the jeans are fitting a little less tight too?) 

What about you guys? How are you trimming and slimming your budgets during these economic times?  One thing I do love about the challenge of economic uncertainty is that I find myself being more creative, more resourceful, and thankfully; less wasteful.  There is something so freeing about shaking off the shackles of excess in your life. Comment and share your tips on how you are scrimping and saving!