Some pretty things to look at

Today seems more like a Monday to me than a Wednesday.  I am oh-so-busy today!  There is so much to be done for our upcoming Panama trip. This time of year is one of my busiest.   I had to take some medicine because I have been fighting some major allergies, so I definitely feel better but allergy meds always make me feel soooo sleepy. I wouldn't mind relaxing in this renovated factory in Melbourne.  Doesn't this look so relaxing? 
A few more shots of the lovely renovation: 


The rest of this post is gratuitous eye candy.  Pretty rooms like this make me smile!  Lovely bathrooms seen via Brabourne Farm
Aren't these cute little birds nests?
Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Well, my dearlings, I hope that you all have the most lovely of days today! Comment and let me know what your plans are for this wonderful Wednesday that seems more like a Monday to me!