Freebie: Lists to help you meet your healthy lifestyle goals!

 I don't know about you, but this time of year I always get motivated to get into shape.  Perhaps it is the impending thought of the public appearance my thighs are about to make in my swimsuit- but something about this time of year makes it easier to kick my butt and get moving.  So... with that said, I have a present for you!

I made a new list for you called "Health Goals". I created it to help us all get in shape and make good healthy choices.  I firmly believe that making small movement in the direction of your goals will add up in BIG ways when done over time! The front of the lists help you tackle the hard stuff: working out, eating those fruits and veggies and saying no to bad things and YES to good things!  

The back of the list will let you at a glance see everything that you have eaten that week.  

Let's do it guys!  Let's get in the best shape of our lives!  Who's with me?  I will start by declaring to you all what my fitness and food goals are for the week.  

Workout Goal: 6 times a week, at least 20 minutes a day.  It doesn't have to be all in one work out.  (Meaning I can lift weights for 10 minutes in the morning and walk for ten minutes at night after work.) The key is that it just needs to happen sometime. 

Eating Goal: Say, "NO" to frappachinos! They are my weakness guys!  That frozen delectable treat...I can't seem to help myself.  So, I am only going to say "Yes" twice a week this week.  

I hope that these lists will jump start you into getting healthier.  At the front of my post I was talking about swimsuits- and even though I was joking around about looking good in one (and I know that we all want to!) I really want to encourage you to get healthy for reasons other than superficial ones.  Be healthy because this is the one life you have been given.  Be healthy so you can run and play with your grandkids.  Be healthy because life is short and we should make the most of it.  

What about you all? What are your fitness goals? Download your lists here and comment and tell us all what your goals for the week are!