White House

Everyone has their ideal dream house and ever since I was a little girl I could see myself living in a beautiful white house with a wrap around porch.  I have been collecting my ideas for the "white house" for several months and I would like to take you on a tour of the type of house I hope to someday raise my children in. 

Welcome to the white house.  

Come over in the afternoon and we wan sit together on the front porch and talk.  I would serve you fresh squeezed lemonade. 

If you are a guest, here is one of the rooms you can choose to sleep in: 
Guest Bedroom

Sitting room {via Apartment Therapy}

Love these windows: 



My {dream}home office fireplace {via domino... sigh, no link}

The light fixtures in this room would have to go... I would also replace the countertops with a brushed metal. But can't you just imagine icing cupcakes with your kido's here? Yes, the cozy, home-cooked-meal-feel, superb. 
Kitchen {via apartment Therapy}

I think this would be an amazing dining room: 
{Via Bliss}

I really love the ceiling wood work in this kitchen. 
{Via Alkemie}

I love the idea of
 my kid's having a place like this to play: 

Or, teaching them to count as they walk up the stairs: 
{Via Pink Wallpaper}

I think that the wood working in here would make such a fun playroom.  Could you imagine it if there was a huge vintage mirror and a large trunk filled with all kinds of dress up clothes?

I'm still looking for a few ideas to complete my white house.  I still need to find my formal living room, master bed and bath.  But, I thought I would show you all what I was dreaming up in my beautiful white house of dreams.