Things I LOVE!

Well, today is Wednesday and it is always one of my favorite days of the week; usually I get to grab lunch with a good friend and run a few errands.  Today is no exception and I am off to pick up some of my photos from our last trip to Europe.  (If they come out good I will do a post on them.) 

I wanted to show you these floors that I first saw on decor8; I thought that they were so interesting!
 I already have the room picked out that I will do something like this in; now all I need is the time! {Check out her original post here}

Well, I am off to exercise and run some errands.  I will try to post a few creative things I did today later.   

Oh, one more thing.  Yesterday Greg and I grabbed some Subway sandwiches and a blanket we keep in the trunk of our car and ate lunch in the park.  It was so lovely.  Sunlight streaming through the trees, butterflies and birds dancing around.  It is amazing how time will slow down if you take time to enjoy nature and relax a little. 

It is sure to be a lovely one! So I need your help guys.  What is your favorite way to relax and unwind? How do you de-stress?