Pretty in Pink

This post is dedicated to the lovely Kylee Sipe who requested a house all in pink.  This also goes out to all of you girly girls, the ones who love lace, tiaras and bubble baths.  

Ladies, I welcome you to the 
Pretty in Pink House. 

{Pink house, photo via Italian Girl in Georgia}

Here's the color palette we will be working with for the pink house: 

The tour begins with the master bedroom: Love this vintage pink and white mixture. Touches of pink here and there can create an elegant and soft feel.  
{Photo via design fabulous}

And now let's go to the master bath, sure it boarders on pepto pink, but you can't have the ultimate in girl luxury without dabbling a tad on the gaudy side of things. 

{Photo via paper bean}

I could sit forever in this pink chair. (Or maybe just sit across from it so I can enjoy looking at it!) 
{Photo via design fabulous}

Let's take a stroll to the lovely kitchen.  I love the open rafters and the touches of hot pink.  I think that you could add a few vintage touches in here and really make this room something unique. Imagine it with a fabulous vintage chandelier and a huge white armoire for the television- magnifique!

I love the pink couch here in this room.  Darling, don't you think? 

If you come over for a visit, here is one of the rooms you would stay in.  I love the pale pink hue mixed with puce accents. Soothing. 

{Photo via ikea}
or perhaps you would like to spend the night like a princess here: 

{Photo Via country Living}

Of course, your visit to the would not be complete without a box of chocolate truffles waiting for you on the side table.

This little girls canopy caught my eye when Greg and I were walking by Pottery Barn Kids.  Isn't it so cute? 

Girls' Key West Bedroom

Laundry is absolutely no fun, but doing it in this room would certainly make it more enjoyable!
{Photo via Apartment Therapy}

Love the pink of these walls with the contrast of the super dark floors and bright white molding. 

 For those of you who turn a wary eye to the color pink, and cringe at the thought of an all pink decor, I would recommend trying an accent of pink such as these lovely pink orchids.  Orchids are so exotic looking and they add instant style to any interior. 

{Photo Via Apartment therapy} 
Check out these iridescent wallpapers from Walnut Wallpaper

Pink doesn't have to be pepto or shocking.  It can be subtle and soft.  I could work in this office so easily.  

{Photo via Apartment Therapy}

Of course, this would make quite the stellar office adornment. 

The subtle glow of candlelight and flowers can make a lovely palette for any get together.  I always choose ivory candles over stark white.  White can tend to look cheap, ivory just... glows. 

{Photo via the lovely and inspiring Rebecca Thuss}

Hope you enjoyed the Pink House tour.  Any suggestions for the next house color? I am thinking about doing something in chartreuse or possibly a beach house.  Would love to hear your thoughts...