Idea Paint

Check out this amazing paint called Idea Paint. You can apply it to any wall, turning it instantly into a dry erase board!  You can buy a gallon of it here or order a free sample here

Apartment Therapy has a ton of uses for Idea Paint here.  Click around and be inspired.  

Maybe it's the teacher inside of me, but I think there is no better ways to express your ideas to others than by writing them out.  Whenever I am trying to explain a difficult concept to our interns or staff and they are having trouble wrapping their mind around it,  I whip out my dry erase board and marker...voila! They completely understand and the concept seems simple and easy to apprehend.  

One of the reasons why I am so big on concept drawing is because of this book: 

The Back of the Napkin shows you how to use simple drawings to easily communicate any message. For some reason as modern communicators we have it in our heads that you must have a Power Point  or some electronic gizmo to acutely convey our message.  I beg to differ, case in point: have you ever seen anyone clap their hands and get excited about a Powerpoint? Not likely.  It's become white noise in our digitized society.  However, pull out a marker and for some reason everyone sits up in their seats.  You don't have to even be an astute artist to convey your ideas with words and pictures.  The Back of the Napkin gives you a sample of about 10+ shapes that anyone can draw to quickly impart their message.  This is a MUST read for anyone who is a public communicator.  

{Photo Credits: Apartment Therapy}