House of Blues

So, everyone knows from my "White House" post that I would love to live in an all white house and I got such positive feed back from it via emails, facebook, etc. that I thought it may be fun to post a few more house interiors of all one color. I now present to you...Drum roll please...

 "The House of Blues"
{All photos via House of Turquoise or Baca Creative}

Now for the house tour... I'd like to say that this home is a mix of contemporary and vintage which seems to be my specialty. First, Let's head to the master bedroom...
Don't you think that this would be such a tranquil place to wake up? 
I would love to curl up and read a book or journal in this cozy nook: 
The master Bath would look something like this: 
You have to come over and stay sometime, and if you do you can choose from one of these two rooms:
This is actually what I have on my mantle right now... a lovely spring mix of turquoise.  Carnations are the cheapest flower, but when they are bright pink and in full bloom they make quite an impressive bouquet at an unbelievable price.  If you want to see some more floral inspiration look here.  Also, here's the "How to" on making the little birdie nest- just in time for Easter. 
A few more fabulous accessory ideas: 
You've got to love decals... I am a big fan of them.  If you ever need any produced, simply email me at

A lovely kitchen
Shall we go to the Family Room? 

Let's head to the sitting room:
And now to the home office {There's something about this room that is oddly familiar..} 

I Know!  It actually is my home office!

And here's a shot of my actual work office at Go

I think that this would make such a sweet baby room: 

And finally, let's relax on the back porch and talk for a while!

I hope you all enjoyed the House of Blues tour!  Let me know if there is any other color of house interior you would like to see- maybe I can make it my next post.