Les Petits Details

So I learned on my last trip to Europe that the French have a saying, "The Little Details Make The Difference." When I heard it, I nearly jumped out of my seat,  whipped out my pocket Moleskine and asked if they would write it down for me, both in French and English.  I immediately envisioned the poster I would make out of the saying. Special thanx to Holly Becker of decor8 for her inspiration

The French have quite an eye for special details.  Every meal had a special treat with a unique presentation and a flair for the artistic.  When I was served a cappuccino at a local cafe with Eiffel tower sugar cubes on the side I had to snap this pic.  Of course, you do pay extra for the details. On one occasion of our trip I was told I would have to pay almost $52 for fourteen bottles of water.  Yikes huh?  

More little details about our trip coming soon.  There is so much to tell- so much inspiration around every corner in Europe.  I loved it there and can't wait to return.  (Above pic of Greg and I at the Eiffel)