i'm christa and this is my blog.


hey there. 

I am a wife, mom, and the co-founder of the non-profit Go International.tv. I make my home in the middle of the world (Quito, Ecuador).

When I started dreaming about creating a space to share my thoughts and creativity with people my first hope was that I could create something to inspire and encourage people to go after their dreams. If you read nothing else on my blog than this, know that the dreams inside your heart are possible. The world is crammed-full of people trying to be someone that they are not. What the world needs is more of you. 

Authentic you.  

I hope that the words on these pages inspire you to live your life to the fullest and be your best you. 



my life

Check out the non-profit I started with my husband in 2003. We also have an overseas program that we started called Submerge. The program is a multi-month semester overseas designed to propel you towards living the life of your dreams. 

I fell in love with graphic design in 1999 and taught myself everything I know.  I have had the opportunity to work closely and design for many outstanding companies around the world.  

In 2003 I married my best friend, Greg Baca.  Together we have laughed, loved, traveled the world and made enough memories to last a million forevers. Check out his blog here

I am called Momma by two of the most amazing kids to walk planet earth.  These two make my everyday spectacular with their wit, wisdom, and awesomeness. 

I live in the middle of the world. (Quito, Ecuador) This nation has stolen my heart and has become my beloved home.